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A law firm in Tulsa, OK was looking to expand their practice to provide legal guidance to pro-se (doing it yourself) family law clients, but needed a foolproof strategy to do so.


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A law firm in Tulsa, OK was looking to expand their practice to provide legal guidance to pro se (doing it yourself) family law clients. There goal was to create an easy, quick, fast way to provide legal documents in 24 hours to their pro se clients through a dedicated website. The last thing you would want is to file for a divorce yourself and be vulnerable to pitfalls and oversights that could be easily avoided by getting a little help. The real challenge would be how to compete online against large businesses that share a large portion of the DIY divorce corners of the market.


We went to work designing a website the was focused on guiding the visitor through the process and give them a sort of road map of what to expect if they chose My Instant Lawyer. At the same time, keeping the site sleek, modern, and retro comic theme to stand out from competitors. Content was created to be simple and easy to understand without overwhelming the viewer and feel comfortable reaching out to the firm for help.

The biggest hurdle was to compete against all the other pro se services in Oklahoma. We needed to create a strategy that would be just as competitive without emptying our clients bank account. By keeping the focus on the Tulsa area first and local based SEO, Social media ads and paid-per click ads we were able to provide their marketing campaign with the boost it needed to compete with the big boys.

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