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After having the same website for 15 years, JM Farm Mushrooms was in need a new website that could provide their story and resources to world. Whenever you think about Oklahoma, that last thing that comes to your mind is mushrooms. Started in Miami, OK in 1979, JM Farms has been growing and distributing mushrooms all over the Midwest. They needed a website that could connect them to customers, their community, and curious minds. While still providing recipes, their story, a hiring portal, a visual re-brand for marketing, video promotions and how-to videos.


The list of projects within this project is what helped launch Bracket Designs into what it is today.  We first tackled the design of the website and how to make it easiest to get users what they needed the site to provide for them. For example, JM Farm employees and food distributors needed a way to access back-end portals for sales. Our solution was to create easy access to them by placing the links in the main navigation bar that appears on a every page of their website. Also, we created a CMS database for their HR department for hiring, to help stay up to date with all the hiring’s within the farm.

When it came to designing the look and feel for the content on the site, we always focused on being local, organic and family-orientated. The story of JM Farms is one filled with family and caring for their employees as such since the beginning. They believe that is one of the main reasons for their success, is how they have always put their work family and community first. That is why there are two pages on their website that are dedicated to their story and the community in which their employees live.

A beautiful website is nice and all, but what truly makes a website stand out from others is the interaction and engagement with the site’s visitor. That is why we created a fully 360 video tour of JM Farms on their website for anyone wanting to know how mushrooms grow. Also, for safety reasons it is not the easiest thing to provide in-person tours every day. We did not stop there; we create a video archive of how-to videos on the topic of mushroom preparations and recipes. Included, is video promotions about the farm and the close connection they have with their community.

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