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Effective Digital Advertising for Small Business

Trying to manage your own advertising for your small business for the first time can often result in a bigger headache, especially when you aren’t hitting your ROI goals. We can help you navigate the digital advertising world by creating your business campaigns that get you results. By discovering who your target demographic and delivering to them creative that is effective. Doing all of this to help make sure to your overall marketing strategy is successful.

Bracket designs marketing campaigns include landing pages, campaign execution, creative ad content and detailed analytics. Marketing campaigns that are PPC based, preform best when all areas are carefully monitored. If these are paid channels are not approached properly, your marketing efforts will fail.

Google Ads

Bracket Designs is ready to build the proper pay-per-click search campaigns that will attract the most potential customers without hurting your budget. Our team will meet with you monthly, to go over all the data from your PPC efforts and provide you with detailed feedback. Then will give you our recommendation of where to take your campaigns moving forward.

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Social Media Ads

Social networks have changed the way small businesses interact with their customers and the types of conversations that they have with them. Our team knows how to get the most of your paid social media efforts by handling market research, setting up the campaigns, writing the ad copy, designing the creative and launching. From there we measure results and make adjustments as needed, all while making sure to get your biggest return on your ad investment.

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Creating the best proper ad copy and creative for ads is what gets more people to your website. Once on your website it’s the engaging content on those landing pages that will create higher conversion rates and get customers to connect with your Tulsa business.


Paid advertising isn’t just about getting people to your site, it’s about their behavior and the acquisition once they visit your website. It is the best way to get the most accurate measurement of your digital marketing efforts. The analysis and analytics of these ads is critical in continuously growing your business.


Your websites performance greatly impacts the quality score for your paid ads. Google rewards websites whose overall performance and content who meets their strict and constantly changing standards. By having a great website infrastructure in place will maximize your PPC investment.

Ready to take your small business to the next level with digital marketing?

Search engine optimization

Scalable, sustainable growth with sophisticated search engine optimization from the best in the business.

SEO Management

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SEO Consulting

design and development

Functional, brilliant creative and technology from a team that builds with a purpose of achieving the best for our clients.

Website Design

Website Development

Graphic Design

digital advertising

Higher return on investment and monthly reporting from a team that’s managed pay-per-click and paid media for over decades.

Google Ads

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Compelling content that is engaging but also that builds  growth by creating you a voice that represents your business.

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